The ICM and Theatro360

Immersive property tours, inspections and asset management

Power and control to the client

Theatro360 provides versatile, immersive solutions for photographing spaces in geographically remote or inaccessible destinations by members of potentially disparate teams. Content is centralised to deliver fast updates to all users.

Why are we doing this?

To solve the problems of complexity and widespread logistics in order to track, compare and react to site developments over time. 

Who is the target audience?

Managers, contractors, technicians, team members and, if desired, the general public.

What is the output?

Immersive imaging for viewing on all devices using advanced tools for content management, data, snagging and project liaison via the Theatro360 API. We provide opportunities for development sites to be photographed, annotated and inspected simply and instantly with flexible tools. We provide easy onboarding for businesses and their teams to contribute to site inspections.

Benefits include:

  • Seamless design scheme changes 
  • Split-screen timeline comparisons 
  • 3D space evaluation
  • Playful, speedy navigation
  • 3D plan zoomable node-mapped view
  • Option for 3D stereographic experience in headset
  • TourGuideVR™ shared video and virtual tours

Feature Explorer

View various features of the Theatro360 platform.

Roof Inspection

Inspection tour of Poplar, London

Victoria Court

Snagging tour for residential apartments

Flat 4 Floorplan

Drag around the plan to explore any information points or 360 images. (Each 360 image connects to the main tour.)