Marketing and inspections made easy

Theatro360 is the world’s fastest virtual-reality platform for the marine industry. The platform has been specifically designed for dealing with remote subject matter, fragmented teams or for those who simply want it all done for them. Using our app, CMS and Tour Studio you or our network of imagers and agents can generate, upload and manage content, delivering slick, flexible content for your marketing or internal needs.

  • Take a photographic image (panoramic, 360 2D or 360 3D stereoscopic)
  • Upload images via app or CMS
  • Upload deck plans
  • Link rich media including video, audio, text, images
  • Create a virtual tour of some or all of your boat
  • Embed 360 solo images into your website

DIY or serviced shoots – which is best?

Our DIY solution facilitates employees, crew or third party photographers to shoot your boat according to our simple guidelines. Using the Theatro360 app a team member may shoot, upload and view content for viewing by others wherever they are in the world. We then process your images and build your tour.

Serviced shoots remove all responsibility for you leaving us to do all the work. We will photograph your entire boat at anchor or in port, upload, organise and build your virtual tour with annotations, web links and video clips.

M/Y RELENTLESS // Virtual Tour

Remote-shoot boat using the Theatro360 platform


It is possible to embed 360 images of any kind into web pages. The examples below show a solo scene as part of a tour as well as a single scene isolated from a virtual tour.

360 Split-screen Comparison

Staging states. Tap the small clock icon under the title, select a second image to compare it and drag the slider.


Linked scene, part of a tour


Isolated image, no tour


This boat was a self-shoot by one of the BURGESS team members conducted with only our guidance PDF. It was shot from start to finish in less than 2 hours, uploaded then edited and finished by us back in the UK.

Split-screen Still Frame Function

Compare transitions and setups using exported still frames.