Shoot & Go

You shoot - we build

The versatile 360 imaging solution

You shoot – we build

With Theatro360 Shoot & Go you can shoot as much or as little of your hotel as you see fit. Showcase your meeting spaces, restaurants, cafes, gym, spa, gardens and nearby attractions through complete or partial virtual tours.

Using a Theta Z1 or Theta X camera, user guide and camera presets, a team member can shoot scenes as desired. Once complete, images can be uploaded to the cloud via the app or downloaded from the camera and uploaded as a batch. We then do any retouching desired and build your tours! You can be up and running ready to shoot in just 5 minutes.

Shoot & Go benefits

We know how it is – your entire hotel is seldom available for a time-consuming full 3D tour – and neither do your visitors necessarily need to see every part of your hotel if they will be sleeping in only one room and using the crucial facilities. One camera can be used time and again for multiple virtual tours and to record time-lapse 360 video for use in blogs, live streams, Facebook and other applications.

Random Content – ideal for active hotels who want control

  • Hotel purchases camera & photographs content / Theatro360 produces tour
  • Opportunity to control & manage ongoing content tailored to client’s needs
  • Full support from Theatro360
  • Access to app
  • Access to TourGuideVR Live tour-sharing and video calling suite
  • Ongoing monthly subscription (minimum 1 year)
  • Adaptive Videos of multiple spaces (optional)

As we all know, things can change, so why not be prepared for all opportunities to help market your hotel?

Join the revolutions™

Novotel // Tower Bridge

Virtual tour of main areas, meeting rooms and bedrooms

M Gallery // Windsor

Virtual tour of main areas and rooms with split-screen comparisons for suite setups

Novotel // Birmingham

Virtual tour of main areas and rooms with split-screen comparisons for suite setups

Imaging opportunities 24/7

With a Shoot & Go plan you will be able to create imagery for your hotel all year round, including events and any changes in decor or design. Should your banqueting suite hold a fantastic event, simply shoot with your 360 camera, upload the images and our team can integrate new images into an existing tour or create an entirely new set of images to link.

Still image exports from a 360 scene used as comparisons

Compare content over time using split-screen image viewing to present variable states, snags, finishes or job completion for marketing purposes.

Direct scene share

Guide users to an individual scene within a virtual tour - eg. a Room.

Solo image embedding

Show an individual scene detached from a virtual tour as a feature on a web page. Hover over the image to activate.

Split-screen Banqueting Suite setups

Show variable staging states of a space. Tap the clock icon top left to compare images from the menu.

Split-screen lighting comparisons

Show variable staging states of lighting. Tap the clock icon top left to compare images from the menu.