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Relevant inspection tours are below with those with tags marked urgent listed as scene links. Please feel free to add your notes or photos within the tour for our residents or technicians to assess. You will find any responses to your comments within each scene and within the menus of the tours themselves.


Open a tour and view the relevant nodes and annotations. Tap ‘Edit‘ to begin adding notes. View the property via the 3D model or via the floor plan. At any point you can leave a general note in the notes option in the ‘LINKS’ menu.

Things you can do inside your inspection:

  • Add notes
  • Add photos
  • Add voice memos
  • Set look-at points
  • Respond to calendar entries
  • Compare scenes with those taken at different dates and locations

Apartment 41

This apartment on Floor 04 has some urgent issues that need addressing. See comments from resident and engineer.

Floor 04 Plans

Floor 04 and Apartment 41 plans

Full 3D tour

Complete tour of the building from Basement to Floor 05


Floor 04 snags

Latest snags reported week commencing 10th January. Resident notes added to tour.

Apartment 41 snags

Resident communications underway with engineers scheduled for maintenance visit.